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Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo, Amano & Sawayama Lab.

About Us

We study the neural mechanisms underlying visual perception and multisensory integration with combining psychophysics and non-invasive brain imaging (fMRI and MEG). Specifically, we are interested in developing and applying new techniques such as neurofeedback and electric current stimulation, to understand the neural causes of sensory perception.


2024.07.14A paper by Kimura et al., entitled " Immediate effect of quadri-pulse stimulation on human brain microstructures and functions" was accepted in Imaging Neuroscience.
2024.04.01Member has been updated.
2024.03.01A paper by Kawashima, Amano et al., entitled "The relationship between alpha power and heart rate variability commonly seen in various mental states." was published in Plos One.
2024.02.09Prof. Amano gave a invited talk at the 53rd NIPS International Symposium "Neural Dynamics and Information Processing in the Brain and Body".
2024.01.01Member has been updated.
2023.10.03Member has been updated.
2023.06.16Dr. Masataka Sawayama has been promoted to Lecturer.
2023.04.25A perspective paper by Kawashima, Nakayama et al., entitled “Theoretical and technical issues concerning the measurement of alpha frequency and the application of signal detection theory: Comment on Buergers and Noppeney (2022)” was accepted for publication in Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience. This paper discusses the role of alpha oscillation in perceptual temporal binding.
2023.04.07Member has been updated.
2023.03.01Yamashita was awarded a Grant-in-Aid for Early-Career Scientists.
2022.12.28A paper by Kimura et al., entitled "Neural Correlates of Impulsive Compulsive Behaviors in Parkinson's Disease: A Japanese Retrospective Study" was published in NeuroImage: Clinical.
2022.11.30A paper by Oishi et al., entitled " Macromolecular tissue volume mapping of lateral geniculate nucleus subdivisions in living human brains " was published in NeuroImage.
2022.10.03Member has been updated.
2022.09.14A paper by Nakayama et al., entitled "Building a decoder of perceptual decisions from microsaccades and pupil size" was published in Frontiers in Psychology.
2022.06.28A paper by Kawashima et al., entitled "Can enhancement and suppression concurrently guide attention? An assessment at the individual level" was published in F1000Research.
2022.06.09A paper by Kawashima et al., entitled "Frequency- and Phase-Dependent Effects of Auditory Entrainment on Attentional Blink" was published in European Journal of Neuroscience.
2022.04.04Member has been updated.
2022.03.30A paper by Kimura et al., entitled "Quadripulse Stimulation: A Replication Study with A Newly Developed Stimulator " was published in Brain Stimulation.
2021.12.15A paper by Kimura et al., entitled "Microstructural Properties of Human Brain Revealed by Fractional Anisotropy Can Predict the After-Effect of Intermittent Theta Burst Stimulation" was published in Cerebral Cortex Communications.
2021.11.19Our website has been renewed.
2021.10.01Two new thesis students have assigned to our laboratory.
2021.09.24Amano gave an invited talk at the HBRC seminar held at the Human Brain Research Center, Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine.
Kawashima gave a presentation entitled "10 Hz聴覚引き込み刺激が注意の瞬きに与える影響" at the 85th Annual Convention of the Japanese Psychological Association.
2021.08.06Amano gave a talk at IRCN Salon.
2021.04.05Amano was awarded a Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (A).
2021.04.01Amano has been appointed as a professor at the University of Tokyo.